Covergirl shows the beauty of coding

If you’ve ever been to college, you’ve seen the Mary Kay posters taped to the bathroom mirror with Feminist Society graffiti written all over it. I often stare at these doodles, thanking God my three younger sisters have a few years before they have to stand over public sinks contemplating this crap.

CoverGirl cosmetics has partnered with Girls Who Code to spark an interest in computer coding within girls across the nation. The campaign reaches young women on their level, and doesn’t rumble with traditional beauty stereotypes but focus on the untapped potential of female intellects.

The biggest barrier for young women today are the psychological confinements built from gender roles. It’s a hot mess that even the feminist movement has had trouble sorting through. Are cosmetics the sexualization of women, making them a mindless commodity? Or is makeup a tool for the personal expression and accentuation of feminine prowess?

Covergirl’s Girls Who Code campaign is perfect for approaching this age group. I live in a suburban neighborhood of middle school girls. And I can tell you, whether its poorly applied eye shadow or a smear of cherry scented lip balm these are the years we  explore makeup.

It seems girls are more often tokens in the movement, when these developing divas should become a focus for influence that is suitable to their stage in life. We get into these grand discussions about sexual orientation and political policy, taking less and less time to groom the youngest of the lot.

In a movement that seeks to make every tomorrow a little better, young women should become a bigger focus. Right now, they’re just nosy little mice listening in on the world’s conversation.

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