A Chicago swimsuit line is turning heads, opening minds

The year can’t come to end without a movement dedicated to preserving the most celebrated feature of the female body — the breast! Ta Ta Tops were designed to fight gender inequality in the form of laws that prohibit women from going topless.

Faux show isn’t a cop out. It’s an interesting way to support #FreetheNipple without baring any skin. We have to keep in mind the goal is gender equality and giving everyone the option to go topless or covered.

The Chicago-based clothing line Ta Ta Tops started after the owner allowed two foreign exchange students she was hosting to visit a local beach.  A male lifeguard quickly pulled the students from the water when he realized the girls were swimming topless. The incident spiraled into a whirlwind of confusion as the lifeguard tried to explain how showing nipples is illegal in America. The students looked at that male guard’s naked chest and were quiet befuddled. Oh, wait because that law only applies to women!

These titillating bikini tops are available in  three distinct flesh tones at the organization website for about $30.

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