3 Reasons I can’t be about that Street Harrassment life, HollaBack

By Ciara Rouege

The feminist movement strikes again with an advertisement meant to startle the world into gender consciousness. After pimp slapping everyone with potty-mouthed princesses, the latest injustice pulled from social obscurity is a YouTube video from Hollaback addressing street harassment.

Hollaback wants to institute laws that make all forms of catcalling a misdemeanor similar to harassment. The non-profit feminist group believes catcalling is a form of intimidation meant to subordinate women in a patriarchal society. The organization wants to build awareness and spark conversation about what is too far when trying to catch a woman’s attention on the street.

1. The video doesn’t differentiate between flirting and harassing. 

It’s important to build social consciousness, but it needs to be directed at a specific issue.

Mad TV

Our video woman is approached in several different manners including greetings, flirting and borderline stalking. It’s important to notice the editor included every response, which is different than every harassment. A man shouldn’t be arrested for trying to tell a woman she is beautiful or good morning. However, I wouldn’t mind slapping police cuffs on a guy who has followed me for several blocks.

Hollaback is over inflating the issue and making the organization look immature. I just can’t be about that immature life.

2. Hollaback is inadvertently making women less independent and more afraid.

MMA Champion Rhonda Rousey/ Yell Magazine

We’ve all heard the arguments: men are stronger than women. Men are faster than women. Men are more combative than women. Most women are intimidated by strange men approaching them because they don’t feel capable of defending themselves if push comes to shove. We’ve trained women to think if they get into an altercation with a man, then they’ve already lost. It’s not true; girls can defend themselves against boys. The organization is so busy addressing the patriarchy it’s playing off most women’s fear of being sexually assaulted. Instead of spreading propaganda, let’s encourage more women to take combat training or to get psychological help for anxiety resulting from sexual assault.

Hollaback is creating reasons for women to be afraid. Girl, better pull out your inner Rhonda Rousey!  I just can’t be about that intimidation life.

3. Gender-focused laws are lame! 

The video seeks to institute laws preventing street harassment— that’s awesome! Let’s not paint the picture only men— specifically low-income minority men— harass women in public places.

Regular Show Meme/Troll.me

Our society has given women a pass to do the same. I’m talking about unwarranted touching— which women justify as flirting. Or my favorite argument: (*high-pitched valley girl voice*) Well like, a girl can’t really hurt a guy! I see it all the time, women rubbing their hands on men without permission. The guy just smiles awkwardly if it makes him uncomfortable or he silently pulls away. We’ve conditioned men that it’s just flirting.

(To save everyone from an annoying rant…I’ll make a side on this.)

Hollaback is perpetuating the notion feminism is men versus women. I can’t be about that knocking-down-the-fellas life.

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