Ben Carson Blames Feminism for Ferguson

By Ciara Rouege

Ferguson has become a storm raging with racism, elitism and now— through comments from an arrogant black Republican— sexism has been tossed into this tornado. In an interview with American Family Radio, 2016 presidential hopeful Ben Carson said the senseless death of a young black man involved in an altercation with a white cop in Ferguson happened all because of the women’s liberation movement. Or at least 1960’s feminism laid the foundation for Michael Brown’s problems.

I hate to say it, but a lot of it had to do with the women’s lib movement. You know, ‘I’ve been taking care of my family, I’ve been doing that, what about me?’ You know, it really should be about us.

After explaining that Brown and the thousands of other young black men need a strong father figures in their life to come above the struggle, Carson was persistent in suggesting independent women have driven men away from being dedicated-fathers. Carson is promoting the misconception that feminism is about debunking family values to give women freedom. It’s this type of ignorance that makes feminism a difficult movement to promote, and manipulates women into feeling guilty for having needs. In regards to women in the home, black women have managed to nurture their children and at the same time put bread on the table since our shackles were unhinged. In many lower- and middle-class families–black or non-black–women have been forced to work full-time jobs while handling the most demanding parenting responsibilities. The Women’s Liberation movement taught mothers they’re more than cooks, maids, nurses and sexual pleasures. It wasn’t until recently that men haven’t been ashamed to throw on an apron and help out around the house. If anyone has lost the meaning of ‘us’, it is old men like Carson who discount the sacrifices single black mothers make to put their children in school and keep them off the street. Feminism isn’t about women neglecting their families. It’s about women demanding social and political justice, and holding men accountable for the collective responsibility of raising independent daughters and sons.

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