Second Graders Compare Lammily to Barbie

By Ciara Rouege

Designer Nicholay Lamm takes social stereotypes head on, pressing misconceptions deeper into our subconscious with the manufacturing of his normal Barbie doll. In his next move to bring Lammily to store fronts everywhere, Lamm takes his doll to an elementary school to be judged and compared to Barbie by a group of second graders. The interview takes a questionable turn, when the teachers asks the children to compare jobs Barbie and Lammily would choose. Naturally, Barbie is thin and fashionable so she must be a vapid model. One little girl goes as far to say, “(Barbie) doesn’t look like she would do any job.” Keep in mind–Barbie had landed on the moon long before 1969 and has already been a female president of the United States.

Lammily needs to be fashionable and beautiful in her own right because average is beautiful, but our daughters are capable of being more than ordinary. The students quickly recognize their mothers, aunts and sisters in the Lammily dolls wider build and more modest look. There are no problems in appreciating the care and love our mothers give us, but we don’t need to enforce an age-old complex.  “This one is all fashion-y, and then she thinks she’s better than everyone else,” says a boy in reference to Barbie.

Women shouldn’t have to dress-down or wear double-digit sized pants in order to feel intellectual and capable. It breaks my heart, when I meet beautiful and fit women who fear being look-down on as dumb or self-centered because the world says “smart” and “humble” women should prove they care more about books than pretty dresses. Next we’ll be heralding Lammily because she’s a virgin.

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