Yes, Please Lean Out Sandberg

By Ciara Rouege

Comedian Amy Poehler is the kind of woman who can turn funny puns into serious business. In her new autobiography “Yes, please”, Poehler dishes out an array of modern women issues and experience. She closes with a quick comment about this decades queen of all career-advancing women Sheryl Sandberg, author of the life-style book “Lean In.”

Poehler suggest Sandberg and her many subjects lean out.  She wasn’t taking a swing at Sandberg for raising the spirits of women across the country and encouraging them to pursue their CEO dreams. She was saying life is about more than a corner office or a building in downtown with your name on it.

Women have been under a lot of pressure lately to be successful career women, and the pursuit for financial achievement starts to divert from the path to happiness. According to the National Alliance for Mental Illness, women are experiencing depression at rates higher than men. We jump the gun and say women are more depressed because they are expected to be more successful. Simply put: women are  unsatisfied in our progressive society. Pushing and equipping women to pursue more profitable careers is giving them more financial stability, but Poehler says we shouldn’t train them to ignore deep-seeded desires such as intimacy and belonging. The things you’re not going to find in a checkbook. The human needs that are met in romantic relationships and meaningful friendships.  Leaning out is about taking the time to invest in your love ones and your character.

Poehler isn’t just giving good advice for women. It’s good advice for everyone.

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