‘iZombie’ returns for Season 3 tonight and I’m about to lose my mind — too late!

By Ciara Rouege

Here’s a secret: I’m really a brain-snatching, blood thirsty zombie.

OK, that’s a straight out lie. I’m actually just a zombie fan.

You know like “The Walking Dead;” George Romero flicks; “World War Z” (the masterwork by Max Brooks and not that shit-for-show movie staring Brad Pitt); those endless Reddit threads that explore fictional zombie apocalypse scenarios; the Zombie Research Society…but I digress.

Of all the zombie-related material I consume, my guiltiest pleasure is The CW’s comedic drama “iZombie.”

Don’t judge me, and don’t take my Z card!

It’s just a fun show to watch, and sometimes completely over the top! The only thing I find more interesting than disabled but vicious living corpses is story lines that explore a human’s slow transition into zombism.

“iZombie” is about an uptight Seattle medical student named Liv whose life takes a harsh u-turn after she is infected with a zombie virus while attending a boat party. Unable to return to her average life, she’s forced to take employment as a forensic examiner in order to feed her need for cash — and brains!

But mostly, brains.

Outside of being in need of some level 4 spray tanning and grappling with unpredictable Zombie-roid rage, whenever Liv eats a brain she takes on the personality of the organ’s previous owner. Of course, the transformation always seems to both help and hurt her relationship or the murder cases she’s investigating.

There’s also a cute former-lover, a curious cop, a best-friend roommate, an eccentric supervisor, a strange brain dealer and — there used to be — a self-centered, power-hungry business owner who’s company is responsible for making the virus.

Obviously, that’s the shortest version of all the craziest that transpires over the first two seasons. If you haven’t seen it, iZombie is available for binge-watching on Netflix.

If you don’t have Netflix, I’m confident you know someone who has it — go make friends!

During the third season, Liv and her band of friends are going to be taking on a potential zombie apocalypse after discovering there are way more zombies among them than they thought — LIKE WAY MORE! And some of them are holding ridiculous, mankind-clutched-in-your-grasps positions of power.

The show returns Tuesday night at 9/8c after more than a year off screen. And it completely blows!

I have an event and won’t be able to watch it live, so I’ll have to catch it on-demand tomorrow night.

Like I said, I’m about to lose it!

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