‘How do you like my new look?’ White model makes dramatic transformation into ‘black woman’

By Ciara Rouege

Somebody call Rachael! Y’all, I can’t make this ‘ish up!

Pictures of a model-actress from Germany have been trending across the internet for a couple months now, but I saw them for the first time on Tuesday. I’m not sure if I’m more thrown off by the over-inflated air balloons in her chest region or her dramatic transformation into a dark-skinned woman.

Martina BIG said she’s all about the extreme look in a Facebook post a few months ago. She has decided to take it to the next level, subjecting herself to tanning injections for several months as a means of making her skin darker— like as dark as possible!

“To become more and more a black woman, that is such a wonderful feeling. I’m so happy,” Martina said in a status update posted June 22.

In the post, the model also talked about her visit to an African hairdresser and her “transformation to a black woman.” A transformation that includes, in her words, more cosmetic surgery for African facial features and consultations for butt enlargement.

Earlier photos of Martina shows a young, slim-figured woman with moderate-sized breast and bleached blonde hair.

german woman transform

But today, she holds 250 cc implants and a British bra size of 32 (70) — that’s American for crazy, doing-the-most cups! Martina has the largest breast in all of Europe, according to numerous sources.

“But that’s not enough for me yet! My motto is: ‘BIG IS NOT BIG ENOUGH!'” she said in her website bio.

It appears her original goal was to look like Barbie, but somewhere down the road — she decided that wasn’t enough— and wanted to be Christie instead.


Barbie’s best friend Christie. (Photo source: Barbie.wikia.com/christie)

“In the video you can see how difficult today was my journey and the hotel check [in] as a black woman,” a caption reads on one of Martina’s videos.

Rest assured, Martina does have emotional support as she undergoes the transition; a boyfriends she’s had since she was 17 years old, the model’s website states. She was born in a small western German town, but her profession has taken her across Europe and the United States, mainly Florida, California and Nevada.

Martina also dabbles in music, claiming she’s “not a professional singer, but [will] keep practicing!”

Well, then.

I’m nothing short of flabbergasted, taken aback, disgusted and ultimately offended.

First, I don’t think black, or African-American, women have a biological patent on dark skin or curvaceous bodies.

However, this woman has transformed herself into a living caricature of a stereotypical black woman— a permanent pickaninny, a Jim Crow and an eternal Zip Coon — and is calling herself a ‘black woman.’

It’s a demonstration of society’s disregard for the life, struggles, achievements and contributions of black women. It’s disconcerting.

That’s all I can say, but as Martina often says in her post, “What do you think of [her] new look?”

Martina cover

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