Damn, girl! Trendy naturalista’s guide to a bangin’ twist out [best tutorial videos on YouTube]

By Ciara Rouege

I’m still new to the natural hair game. If you’re also a converter, I’m sure you know the earlier years are like being reborn and then visiting the Beauty Supply for the first time ever. Hair lessons accumulated over more than two decades with a fresh relaxer have been made almost useless. Luckily, I’m a proud student at the University of YouTube and have been taking a few crash courses.

The twist out is one step above a wash-and-go, but don’t deny its power. It’s the most versatile of styles, working with many different hair types, which is probably why it’s also the most popular. It’s a simple style, but don’t be fooled — practice is still needed!

Although this is a list of my favorite twist out hair tutorial videos (so far), it’s also class notes on what I’ve learned about natural hair during this transformative process. The biggest lesson being all natural hair is different. I’ve come to except that some hair styles will forever be out of reach simply because of my current length and inherited thickness and texture. Here are points to consider when creating the most bangin’ twist out:

Are you using the right products?

The natural hair industry has exploded in recent years, leaving naturalistas with a growing lists of options. Try to sample as many products as possible. And remember what’s most popular or most expensive, may not be what’s best for you. Personally, I’ve gotten the best results with the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Curl Defining Creme Glaze.

How much product are you using?

I got some greedy ass hair! So, I’m pretty generous with the products. In fact, I spray my hair with a homemade solution (Formula: setting lotion, caster oil, olive oil and water). The solution also replaces the hair moisture after I’ve padded it dry following a wash.

Are you starting out with wet or dry hair?

I’ve done and seen both. While wet hair leaves me with the most body, I will re-twist after a couple days just to keep the curls formed. I’ve noticed with my own hair, some sections are naturally coiled while others are more bushy. However, it’s become less and less ‘diverse’ as I continue to avoid harsh chemicals and heat styling.

Bria Larine does an amazing twist-out on dry hair (with few spritz of water).

Are you twisting close enough to the root?

Don’t be afraid to make it tight! Depending on your hair texture, starting your twist further from the root could leave you with curls on top of an afro, essentially.

How big are you making your twist?

It’s completely up to you! I prefer fairly small twist (even though it takes much more time), but maybe you feel better with medium-sized twist or BIG twist. Whichever size you use, I agree the best results come from using equal-sized twist across your entire head.

Toni of Natural Hair Sistas used only six jumbo twists:

If you’re starting out short — a twist out is still possible. Here’s some advise from Shawntas Way as she styles her sister’s hair, which is a just above the shoulders: 

YouTube has hundreds of tutorial videos for achieving the best twist out, so no matter your hair type — there’s something out there for you! I’m at the start of my natural hair journey myself, but I hope this was helpful. 😃

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