We’re still girls, but we have some grown-woman problems.

Remember being in elementary school and the only responsibilities you had were making good grades and keeping your room clean? And then you blinked, and now you’re a mature adult!

…or at least trying to be. The hardest part about being an adult: becoming a woman.

Most of us millennial girls will spend at least a gazillion hours listening to the problems of other women within our lifetime. It’s a ballpark number— don’t quote us on the statistic.

Complaints that branch from the challenges of the numerous roles women play within their lifetime: daughter, sister, bachellorate, girlfriend, lover, mother, homemaker, subordinate, supervisor— and if you’re a woman of color— lifetime representative of your entire race!

We deserve a website that’s honest and more well-rounded.

Despite the overwhelming number of websites targeting millennial women and the multitude of issues career women face, most sites focus shallowly on three agendas: being good in bed, being prettier than the girl next to you and pretending to be independent.


Girl Houston understands a young woman being groomed for the corner office needs more than a guide on how to accomplish Kim Kardashian’s flawless contouring, tips on giving him the night of his life or dropping 10 pounds in 10 days.

Well…we want to talk about that too! But we also need advise on how to set ourselves up for a pay rise, how to be sexy while dressing like someone with a ‘grown-up’ job, how to build healthy friendships— and let’s start having real conversations about sex!

Girl Houston is for women who don’t crawl into a box during the off-hours of their 9 to 5 jobs and need real resources to conquer all the other challenges happening in their life.

We’re a group of women dedicated to living a complete and balanced life.

Because can’t a girl have it all?

Our answer: Hell yeah, girl!

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