Hi, I’m Ciara Rouege


I had a fantastic vision of my adult self when I was a teenager: a luxurious apartment in the big city, a staggering lists of accomplishments, a physique that radiated with feminine sexiness, sophisticated charm and an endless stream of revenue for purchasing exclusive labels.

I’d have my life together. I would be a grown woman.

I would be Samantha Jones, although all the online quizzes pegged me as a Miranda Hobbes— insecure, guarded and boyish. Goddammit, Quizilla!

I was committed to becoming this Sex in the City-inspired version of myself for a long time.

Up until 10 months after earning my bachelor’s degree and I was a sobbing 23-year-old sitting on my parents coach — at a house that I felt I’d never leave — telling my father that I was a complete failure.

I felt defeated; not because I had received almost 50 computer-automated rejections; and not even because I’d eaten my way out of several interview pantsuits I’d stolen from my mother.

I had made good grades. I’d earned a spot in several competitive internship programs. I’d held demanding leadership positions in several school-funded student organizations. I went to networking events. I found myself mentors, who commanded impressive job positions.

I had done everything I was suppose to do.

All touch-points that I crammed into the millionth draft of my snooty one-page resume.

Can’t they read? I thought to myself.

The frustration I felt on that leather coach could be explained in thousands of terms, but I can sum it all up in just one word: cheated.

Less than a week later, the phone rang and I got my first job — at an intimidating, prestigious news station. Within months, I was in a brand-new car and moving in to a cute little apartment with the love of my life and our recently adopted dog.

I thought I was back on track, just moseying along to the next station in a white-collared life.

And then, shit got real

I’d stepped through the door, but not onto the elevator.

Even more scary, I realized I wanted to have a successful career but also meaningful experiences and healthy relationships, all of which take continuous effort and tough-decision making.

I’ve reached the point in my life, where there are dozens of paths to take but no road map.

What I’ve learned through talking to 20-something-year-olds with my same insecurities and ambitions is that…I’ve reached adulthood. And adulthood is a game that no one knows the rules for but everyone pretends to.

I’ve created this site for us: ambitious career girls who want to live life to the fullest.


Ciara Rouege has had a boundless passion for digital media since studying the craft at the University of Houston, where she was recognized as a student news leader for her dedicated participation at the school’s Center for Student Media. She graduated as a proud Cougar with a bachelor’s in journalism and English minor in 2015.

She joined the CW39 Houston news team as a Digital Producer in July 2016 after working as a content creator for several well-respected Houston news organizations including Community Impact Newspapers, KTRK ABC-13 and KPRC Channel 2 News.

Although she was born in New Orleans and has a heart grounded in her Louisiana Creole heritage, she considers herself a proud Houstonian. (She is Girl Houston, of course!)

Ciara has lived in the Houston area for more than 10 years and has made a loving home with her longtime boyfriend, Chris, and the couple’s peculiar daughter — a petite, hazel-eyed pitbull named Hennessy.

In her spare time, Ciara enjoys cooking and international cuisine; cocktails with friends; binge watching her latest favorite show; discovering new music; and of course, running the Girl Houston website!

Contact Info

Ciara Rouege can be reached through email at ciararouege@gmail.com or on social media via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.