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In the subject line…

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Now, just hit send and wait to hear back from us!

We’ll need within 5-10 business days to reach back to you. However, sometimes it may be sooner! But don’t worry, we’re not assholes, and you will get a response— even if it’s just helpful feedback.

What are we looking for? A little bit of— well, everything!

Our site is about living life to the fullest— so we have a full lists of topic areas including career, health, life, fashion, sex, relationships, entertainment and celebrity news.

We believe shared experiences, life-hacks and opinions are a chance to help all of girlkind to grow!

Tell us about the time you stood up for yourself and got that raise you deserved! How did you bounce back from that life-shattering breakup with the would-be love of your life?

So many of us have financial problems! Got any great tips?

Rabbit-tip vibrators: yes or no?

Tell us about that delicious…or disgusting…new restaurant in the Galleria!

Girl, we want to here it all!

What’s in it for you?

We can’t pay you for your contribution, but we can contribute to you!

If your submission is selected, it will include links directing our audience to your personal blog, professional website or social media platforms. Get your work and personal brand in front of new and interested eyes!

Of course, we’ll also be promoting your submission as much as possible.

Finally, you’ll be a contributing member of a community that is dedicated to helping women grow and thrive!

But wait, we do have three simple rules.

We’re not obligated to accept your submission. 

Our site has a wide range of topic areas, but we do have a responsibility to provide our audience with meaningful, well-rounded content that elevates the woman’s life through providing knowledge, a better understanding of Houston or a new perceptive of an incident or subject matter.

Your work is subject to editing as we see fit. 

We do our best to keep the website clean of all grammatical, spelling and factual errors.

And dammit! While we’re not afraid to curse, we do consider our platforms two notches above tactlessness and can’t allow intense, offensive or obnoxious uses of profanity.

…and if your article is a tad bit too long, we may cut a few lines, too.

It’s nothing personal.

We want your voice to shine through in as great a light as possible. Our editors are experienced media professionals and trained editors, so you just have to trust us!

Of course, we will reach out to you regarding any major edits before the work is published. But remember, the final decision of whether it makes it onto the Girl Houston website is ours alone.

You don’t have to be a girl, but you do have to support them!

You don’t have to be a woman to make a submission to this website, but the purpose of this website is to empower, entertain and educate women, so your submission must contribute that our ultimate goal.

So yes, boys are allowed at this girl talk!

If you have any questions regarding submissions that weren’t addressed on this page, please feel free to email us at